Thursday, March 20, 2008


Networking is VERY important, if you do it correctly most if not all of your sells will come from referrals. This is better than cold calling, however, it takes work to gain the trust of your referrals, below are a few tips. Remember, networking is BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.


  1. Have a purpose for networking.
  2. Have a confident handshake.
  3. Be aware of your body language
  4. Wear something unusual to spur conversation (unique pin, watch, tie, etc)
  5. Always carry your business cards with you. (you will be surprised how many people don't)
  6. Be able to talk about more than just the weather.
  7. At a networking event, don't try to juggle food and drinks.
  8. Follow through on promises you make
  9. Set up a system to keep in touch with your network
  10. If you're not comfortable networking, learn from a pro.

The above information: was Prepared by NxLevel Guide for Micro-Entrepreneurs. I use the above information in my lectures and I teach through A New America Community Corporation

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