Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Public Relations and How it can help your business

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is also known as PR, the definition of Public Relations is Building good relations with the company's various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good "corporate image," and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories and events. Major PR tools include press relations, product publicity, corporate communications, lobbying, and public service.

What is the advantage of using PR? Public Relations is very believable, it can be news stories, features in order to promote products, people, places, ideas, activities, organizations, etc. PR can have a strong impact on public awareness at a much lower cost than advertising. To give you an idea: To place a one full page ad in the Wall Street Journal costs about $100,000. Radio, one spot, once a day for five days minimum cost $2,500. What is the cost of Public Relations? The company does not pay for the space or time in the media. Instead, it pays for a staff or agency to develop and circulate the information and to manage the events.

Imagine this: Let's say your staff or agency developed an interesting story about your product or service and your story is picked up by several media groups, let's say the Wall Street Journal, one of the local radio stations and one TV station. How much did you save?! and how much business will this create for you! Public Relations has more credibility than advertising. However, PR continues to be under utilized by many businesses and corporations.

Do not make the same mistake, learn about Public Relations and how it can help your business grow. There are a few steps you can take to help your business:

1. Take a college class (This assumes you have the time to go to class and do the homework)

2. Read on it and learn it. Visit the local library and read up on PR. Public Relations for Dummies is a good book. It gives you a good foundation. There are many others books on PR as well.

3. You can hire an expert. Once you know what you want but need an expert then search for one. (Do your homework!, meet at least three PR experts before you make a commitment, not all "PR Experts" are the same.)

Five years ago when I worked as a private banker with First Republic Bank I met Patrick Galvin, CEO of Galvin Communications in a network group. It was 7 am, a cold and foggy winter in San Francisco, while everyone was still half awake and sipping their coffee, Patrick stood up to give his presentation, I will never forget it, he was so enthusiastic and full of energy very passionate of what he does that I was taken aback. I asked myself, who is this guy? did he load up on sugar? His presentation was great and as I met Patrick, I learned that he is an energetic, passionate person and he truly believes in the power of public relations.
I have been at a couple of his seminars and put into practice some of the many techniques he taught us and I have to say that it helped increased my sales.

Well, here is an opportunity to come a learn about Public Relations, It will be FREE.
I encourage you to come, there is nothing lose but a lot of gain. Below is the information and GOOD LUCK!!

Free Buzz Marketing Seminar in Berkeley

The typical American is exposed to approximately 5,000 commercial messages a day. For most companies, it's too expensive to buy advertising that offers the necessary frequency and reach to break through commercial clutter. Fortunately, most people choose products and services based on positive buzz rather expensive advertising.

You are invited to attend Patrick Galvin's free "Galvanize Your Business with Buzz" seminar on Thursday, April 10, from 8 am to 10 am at OCSC Sailing. Patrick and his PR firm Galvin Communications ( have helped OCSC Sailing land outstanding press ( over the past four year including a recent feature in The Wall Street Journal. This will be Patrick’s third seminar at OCSC and his previous presentations received rave reviews.

Patrick’s seminar will show your how to:
Ensure that your best customers keep coming back
Inspire satisfied customers to refer their friends and colleagues
Grow sales through e-newsletters, blogs, viral videos and search engine optimization
Command free media coverage that is far more powerful than advertising
Leverage media exposure for maximum advantage
The free seminar will be held in OCSC's Club Room at One Spinnaker Way in the Berkeley Marina (full directions at To reserve a space, please RSVP to or call 503-249-8800 by Monday, 4/7. If you know people who might be interested in attending, please invite them. To learn more about Patrick and his speaking programs, visit